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This website is posted in the hope that it will lead to the recovery of a victim of traffickers in women and children.


All police services and private individuals with any knowledge of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (AKA Chanyut Vermeulen, Channy Vermeulen, DJ Channy and DJ Chavvy), age 24, born in Thailand on February 28, 1989, and last seen in Belgium, are urged to contact this website and/or his family at once as indicated: Tel.: 66 - 08 4 726 4836; 66 - 08 - 6024 - 7032. Or 


Belgian and Thai police services were complicit in kidnapping and trafficking the victim, obstructed search and recovery efforts and have been in all ways wholly uncooperative and unreliable since then. The Thai police intimidated complainants and witnesses and threatened their physcial safety. There is overwhelming documentary evidence of their persistant criminal conduct.


The last trace of the victim was the listing of an address and telephone number in the name of Chanyut Vermeulen in Zondhoven, Belgium on two Belgian telephone company Internet websites in mid-October 2013 (see above). He is unknown at the telephone number, which is in another town, and there has been no response to the letters sent to the address.


It is believed that the victim is surrounded by bad company and unaware of the Internet posting. 



Thai Family Fears Belgian Officials Hiding Severe Injuries or Death of Young Boy Stranded in Antwerp
Antwerp Attorney General (procureur-generaal van Antwerpen/Procureur General d'Anvers) has not Responded to Family's Urgent Requests for Contact with Loved One

The following letter was sent to the Attorney General of Antwerp, Christine Dekkers, by telefax and by regular air mail. There was no reply, despite reminders (copies of letter sent).  


Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen called home twice last year from Belgium and asked for his mother. All indications are that Oliver Chanyut is being denied his mail and telephone calls by kidnapers and their accomplices. He is denied access to pen and paper, telephone, postal services and the internet. He is denied contact with persons who can help him. It is possible also that he is being threatened and intimidated and afraid to try to contact home. 



75/9 Non Pa Sang

Pha Khao District

Loei Province 42240


Tel.: 66 – 1 – 965 – 1493; 66 – 1 – 220 - 6598 (for Lao and Thai);

  66  -  4 – 726 – 4836 (for Dutch, English, French)




May 3, 2005


Ms. Christine Dekkers

Attorney General of Antwerp

Waalse Kaai

2000 Antwerp



Subject: Urgent Order to City Police to Produce a Relative is Required




I refer to seven urgent letters that I sent, at the request of a family in Thailand, to an assistant attorney general in Antwerp, ____________ , since last August.


The letters described the need for an order from the attorney general's office to the city police to put a Thai boy in direct telephone contact with his family in Thailand.


Mrs. Thanomjit Chokjanphen of the above address and her relatives are trying to find and contact Mrs. Thanomjit's oldest child, Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen, age 16.


Mrs. Thanomjit was separated from Oliver Chanyut when she returned to Thailand several years ago and a debilitating disease prevented her from returning to Belgium.


Oliver Chanyut has called a neighbor several times from Belgium since then in efforts to contact his mother.


Belgians and Thais in Belgium, including officials, who were contacted by the family, have been uncooperative. Friends who traveled to Antwerp in search of Oliver Chanyut encountered hoodlums and pedophiles employed by the schools, police and city administration.


The family has sent letters to Oliver Chanyut at various addresses and posted messages over the internet requesting immediate contact with him. There has been no reply. 


The family has received reports of Oliver Chanyut’s confinement to an institution in Brussels or Antwerp; permanent and crippling injuries; and death.


The family has irrefutable documentary evidence of Oliver Chanyut’s kidnapping by Belgian pedophiles with the complicity of police, school and court officials in Antwerp.


A Belgian couple claim to have kidnapped Oliver Chanyut and to be holding him in inhuman conditions in the slums of Antwerp.


The family fears for Oliver Chanyut's safety.


Only Mrs. Thanomjit’s family has a legal right to care and custody of Oliver Chanyut. Mrs. Thanomjit has not authorized anyone else to care for him. Any claim to otherwise is fraudulent and should be prosecuted.


Due to his previous involvement in the matter,  ___________, is the only prosecutor in Antwerp the family can trust. _________ has not acknowledged the family’s correspondence.


As pointed out to ___________, the office of the prosecuting attorney for Antwerp, especially assistant prosecutors assigned to the juvenile court and social workers assigned to the city police and juvenile court, cannot be trusted.


Please ensure that this urgent matter receives due and proper consideration and that Oliver Chanyut is reunited with his family.


Failing to receive a positive response, all correspondence will be posted on an advertised internet website.


Sincerely yours,


-   Signature   - 


William Champa






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