Don Bosco in Belgium Kidnapped Child

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Don Bosco Employees in Wijnegem Kidnapped Thai Child from Family

Call home! Tel.: 66 - 08 - 4 - 908 - 5040


Three telephone numbers for the township headman (kamnan tamboon), Boonthom Ragkaew: 66 - 87 - 214 - 138366 - 85 - 756 - 5799


Or call your mother's neighbors: Adoon: 66 - 89 - 274 - 5099; Maw Kay (?) ; Lamyai (?) 

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This website is posted in the hope that it will lead to the recovery of a victim of traffickers in women and children.


All police services and private individuals with any knowledge of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (AKA Chanyut Vermeulen, Channy Vermeulen, DJ Channy and DJ Chavvy), age 24, born in Thailand on February 28, 1989, and last seen in Belgium, are urged to contact this website and/or his family at once as indicated: Tel.: 66 - 08 4 726 4836; 66 - 08 - 6024 - 7032. Or


Belgian and Thai police services were complicit in kidnapping and trafficking the victim, obstructed search and recovery efforts and have been in all ways wholly uncooperative and unreliable since then. The Thai police intimidated complainants and witnesses and threatened their physcial safety. There is overwhelming documentary evidence of their persistent criminal conduct.


The last trace of the victim was the listing of an address and telephone number in the name of Chanyut Vermeulen in Zondhoven, Belgium on two Belgian telephone company Internet websites in mid-October 2013. He is unknown at the telephone number, which is in another town, and there has been no response to the letters sent to the address. 


It is believed that the victim is surrounded by bad company and unaware of the Internet posting. 




Police Chief of Wijnegem Conspired with Don Bosco Employees in Kidnapping

Rene Vervecken, principal of Don Bosco, Sister Hilde Mondelaers, assistant principal, and Eddie Gerrinckt, chief of city police in Wijnegem, conspired to prevent a grandmother from contacting grandson
State police in Antwerp refused to act

Prosecuting Attorney for Antwerp, Werner Van Walle, obstructed attempts to trace the child
Bishop of Antwerp, Paul Van Den Berghe, gave the run-around

Fraud Committed to Kidnap Child
Shortly after a false declaration to paternity of Chanyut Chokjanphen to the registrar's office of Deurne District of Antwerp, Belgium, the fraudster, Peter Vermeulen, and his wife, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, who is the mother of Chanyut, separated permanently (they later officially divorced).
Thanomjit left Vermeulen to live with a local Laotian refugee, Phousith Sibounloeang. She took Chanyut with her. The three lived together in Deurne District with a Thai friend from Samut Prakan Province of  Thailand and his pregnant Finnish wife. The landlord evicted them two weeks later for non-payment of rent.
Vermeulen's elder half-sister, Veerle Vermeulen, and her husband, Denis Baelemans, kidnapped Chanyut from a public primary school, the Stedelijk Bassischool, on Confortelei 173 in northern Deurne District, with the complicity of the school principal, Jul Paenan.  
Child Returned to his Mother, but Lived with other local Thais
Baelemans and Vermeulen, a childless and unemployed couple, could not take proper care of a child and Chanyut eventually returned to his mother, but he lived also with other Belgian and Thai families about Antwerp.
City Police Social Worker and Don Bosco Employees Conspired with Traffickers and Kidnappers
Eleven months after the fraudulent claim to parentage by Vermeulen, Hilda Willems, a social worker for the juvenile division of the city police in Deurne District, told Chanyut's grandmother, Boonchan Chokjanphen, that Thanomjit had deserted Vermeulen, eloped with a Thai boyfriend, and abandoned Chanyut. Willems claimed that Thanomjit's whereabouts were unknown. Willems refused to say where Chanyut was. She claimed that Vermuelen had legally adopted Chanyut by his declaration of paternity, that this gave him all legal rights to custody, and that he did not want his estranged wife's family to contact the child
Two months later, Boonchan learned that Chanyut was in the Don Bosco boarding school in Wijnegem, a suburb of Antwerp.
A Don Bosco employee claimed that Chanyut had been adopted (an allusion to Vermeulen's false claim to parentage) and that he had been put in the boarding school by the juvenile division of the city police.
According to Don Bosco personnel later, in response to an inquiry from the mayor of Wijnegem in 1998, the juvenile division of the city police of Antwerp put Chanyut in the school, with the consent of the Thai embassy in Brussels, and that he attended free of charge.
Boonchan called Don Bosco many times in the following nine months. Each time, the school's directors, Sister Hilde Mondelaers and Rene Vervecken, refused to let her speak to Chanyut or give her details about him. They referred her to the juvenile division of the city police, where Willems refused to discuss anything.
According to Baelemans, his family paid Chanyut's tuition to Don Bosco.
The city police chief of Wignegem, Eddiw Gerrinckt, was wholly uncooperative and deliberately obstructed a legal effort to trace the child.
State Police (Rijkswacht) Uncooperative
After delaying several months, the state police deferred to the juvenile court of Antwerp.
Prosecuting Attorney Conspired with Kidnappers and Traffickers
The prosecuting attorney for Antwerp, Werner Van Walle, was wholly uncooperative and deliberately tried to obstruct legal efforts to trace and contact the child.
Bishop Refused to Consider Matter 
The Bishop of Antwerp, Paul Van Den Berghe, refused to respond to requests for his intervention. (In an attempt to dissuade pursuit of the matter, the bishop's secretary, Jan Van Dooren, falsely claimed that the bishop could not speak English.) Van Den Berghe insisted that only assistant prosecutors assigned to the juvenile court could handle the matter. Van Den Berghe chose to ignore the fact that the prosecuting attorney's office was uncooperative.  He refused to consider the matter further. 
Van Den Berghe appeared to have conflicts of interests in this matter. He might have been trying to shield Don Bosco employees. Some believe that the Belgian clergy is rotten with pedophiles and that Van Den Berghe feared antagonizing the prosecuting attorney's office.
Lawyers Cheated Family
Lawyers who agreed to assist Boochan cheated her instead.
City Public School Principal Abused the Child
Chanyut was unhappy at Don Bosco and in the following school year he returned to the public city primary school, Stedelijk Bassischool, in Deurne District. The school principal, Jul Paenan, who was physicially and mentally ill, insisted that Chanyut redo the school year that he had spent at Don Bosco. Paenan offered false excuses for holding the child back.

March 1994
Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen

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