Belgian Cabinet Ministers and Red Cross Director Conspired with Pedophiles in Kidnapping

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This website is posted in the hope that it will lead to the recovery of a victim of traffickers in women and children.


All police services and private individuals with any knowledge of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (AKA Chanyut Vermeulen, Channy Vermeulen, DJ Channy and DJ Chavvy), age 24, born in Thailand on February 28, 1989, and last seen in Belgium, are urged to contact this website and/or his family at once as indicated: Tel.: 66 - 08 4 726 4836; 66 - 08 - 6024 - 7032. Or


Belgian and Thai police services were complicit in kidnapping and trafficking the victim, obstructed search and recovery efforts and have been in all ways wholly uncooperative and unreliable since then. The Thai police intimidated complainants and witnesses and threatened their physcial safety. There is 

overwhelming documentary evidence of their persistant criminal conduct.


The last trace of the victim was the listing of an address and telephone number in the name of 

Chanyut Vermeulen in Zondhoven, Belgium on two Belgian telephone company Internet websites in mid-October 2013 (see above). He is unknown at the telephone number, which is in another town, and there has been no response to the letters sent to the address. 


It is believed that the victim is surrounded by bad company and unaware of the Internet posting. 




Chanyut should call telepone number 66 - 08 - 9 - 501 - 4780 at once!

Conclusive Documentary Evidence that the Highest Belgian Government Officials Conspired with Pedophiles to Obstruct Victim Recovery Efforts
Documentary Evidence against Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian Prime Minister; Antoine Duquesne, Minister of Interior; Marc Verwilghen, Minister of Justice; Louis Michel, Foreign Minister; Herman Fransen, Chief of Federal Police; Leona Detiege, Mayor of Antwerp; Patrick Janssens, Mayor of Antwerp; Patsy Sorensen, Antwerp city council member; Wim Coumans, Director of Belgian Red Cross (Flanders); Luc Lamine, Antwerp city police chief; Eddie Baelemans, acting Antwerp city police chief; others
Evidence of Criminal Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Trafficking in Children, Procurement of Children to Pedophiles, Fraud, Racism, etc.

Self-incriminating letters and messages by the above to be posted here.

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