A Second Open Letter to the Attorney General of Antwerp

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Chanyut, call home! Tel. # 66 - 08 - 9 - 501 - 4780 (24 hours)!


This website is posted in the hope that it will lead to the recovery of a victim of traffickers in women and children.


All police services and private individuals with any knowledge of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (AKA Chanyut Vermeulen, Channy Vermeulen, DJ Channy and DJ Chavvy), age 24, born in Thailand on February 28, 1989, and last seen in Belgium, are urged to contact this website and/or his family at once as indicated: Tel.: 66 - 08 4 726 4836; 66 - 08 - 6024 - 7032. Or jamesonrosemont@yahoo.com


Belgian and Thai police services were complicit in kidnapping and trafficking the victim, obstructed search and recovery efforts and have been in all ways wholly uncooperative and unreliable since then. The Thai police intimidated complainants and witnesses and threatened their physcial safety. There is overwhelming documentary evidence of their persistent criminal conduct.


The last trace of the victim was the listing of an address and telephone number in the name of Chanyut Vermeulen in Zondhoven, Belgium on two Belgian telephone company Internet websites in mid-October 2013. He is unknown at the telephone number, which is in another town, and there has been no response to the letters sent to the address. 


It is believed that the victim is surrounded by bad company and unaware of the Internet posting. 


Top legal official of Antwerp ignores request from family of missing loved one

A second open letter to the Attorney General of Antwerp, C. Dekkers

Family in Thailand Requests Contact with Loved One

No Response to First Letter, Sent May 3, 2005
No Response to Second Letter, Sent July 6, 2005

Christine Dekkers

Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen called home twice last year, 2004, from Belgium and asked for his mother. All indications are that Oliver Chanyut is being denied his mail and telephone calls by kidnapers and their accomplices. He is denied access to pen and paper, telephone, postal services and the internet. He is denied contact with persons who can help him. It is possible also that he is being threatened and intimidated and afraid to try to contact home again. 
The following letter was the second letter sent to the Attorney General of Antwerp, Christine Dekkers. It was sent by telefax and by regular air mail. There has been no reply.

For details of first letter:



Text of the second letter, July 6, 2005

75/9 Non Pa Sang

Pha Khao District

Loei Province 42240


Tel.: 66 – 1 – 965 – 1493 and 66 – 1 – 220 - 6598 (for Lao and Thai);

  66  -  4 – 726 – 4836 (for Dutch, English, French)

E-mail: thanomchokjanphen@yahoo.com

Website: http://thanomchokjanphen.tripod.com/


Wednesday, July 6, 2005




Mrs. Christine Dekkers (Mevrouw Christine Dekkers)

Attorney General (Procureur-Generaal)

Attorney General’s Office (Hof van Beroep te Antwerpen)

Waalse Kaai

2000 Antwerp (Antwerpen)

Belgium (BelgiŽ)


Subject: Order from Attorney General to Police Required


Dear Madame:


I refer to my letter of May 3, 2005, requesting your assistance in the search for a 16-year-old boy from Thailand, Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen, in Belgium (copy attached).


Oliver Chanyut was separated from his mother, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, more than six years ago when the latter failed to return to Belgium from Thailand. He called his native village in Thailand recently in an effort to contact his family.


The family telephoned and wrote to numerous people in Belgium, requesting help in contacting Oliver Chanyut. But the Belgians and Thais in Antwerp who claim to know Oliver Chanyut and offered to help the family contact him have been uncooperative. School and police employees have been particularly uncooperative.


Oliver Chanyut’s actual residence is unknown. It is not the address claimed by Antwerp city officials. Thus, friends, neighbors and relatives sent mail to the # 2 city public school in northern Deurne District (Stedelijk Instituut voor Secundair Onderwijs Deurne # 2 [SISO 2 Deurne]). Several school employees maintain that Oliver Chanyut attends the school.


On February 25, the school’s non-academic supervisor of students (leerlingenbegeleider), Paul Callot, or the school principal (directeur), Guy T’jampens, admitted that he and other employees had stolen (some 200) postal items addressed to Oliver Chanyut (in the past three years).


One school employee indicated that they gave Oliver Chanyut’s mail to an inspector at the juvenile division of the city police.


Most recently, according to Belgian postal records, a letter for Oliver Chanyut sent from Thailand on June17 was taken by Callot on June 24 (copies attached). But Oliver Chanyut has not called home as he should have done upon receipt of the letter.


By law, the school must give the student all messages from his mother (and other relatives). There is no conceivable reason for withholding mail. Only the family has a legal right to custody and care. Any claim otherwise is false and fraudulent.


The police cannot delay delivery of the mail without a formal order from a court of law.


The theft of Oliver Chanyut’s mail by school and police personnel is criminal. The thieves probably hoped to find cash or other items, such as books, video cassettes and discs, that they could sell. Given the previous conduct of school employees, their theft of mail is also a personal expression of bigotry and pedophilia.


Last year, one or more school employees sent vulgar e-mail messages in Oliver Chanyut’s name, obviously without Oliver Chanyut’s knowledge.


The landlord of Essenstraat ---- in Antwerp, ---------------------, is holding mail for Oliver Chanyut that was delivered after Thanomjit returned to Thailand in 1999. Oliver Chanyut has not picked up the mail because school employees stole messages asking him to pick it up. Someone other than Oliver Chanyut tried to pick up the mail from ---------------------. 


Until 2002, hundreds of other postal items addressed to Oliver Chanyut at the Essenstraat address were received by Mrs. Thanomjit’s ex-husband, Phousith Sibounloeang, a Laotian refugee with Belgian citizenship. But Phousith did not give Oliver Chanyut the mail. Several Thais reported that Phousith peddled Oliver Chanyut’s mail to employees and patrons of his Thai restaurants in Antwerp that he frequents, in particular the Bosuil, Gambrinus, Ploy Phochana, ----------------,                 , Thai Garden and --------------- and another Thai establishment, the Thai Bel Barber Shop and Beauty Salon, which closed two years ago.


The family fears for Oliver Chanyut’s safety. Thieves and others who abused Oliver Chanyut in one way or another could murder or permanently cripple him to prevent him from identifying and exposing them.


The previous prosecuting attorney of Antwerp, Werner Van Walle; the latter’s secretary, Peter Locquet; and several assistant prosecuting attorneys failed to give urgent requests from the family due and proper consideration. Three of the assistant prosecutors concerned are currently your subordinates in the Attorney General’s Office. Another former assistant prosecuting attorney, ------------, who is now in your office, did not respond to seven letters sent to him since last August.


The family would be grateful for your assistance.


An order to the city police to put Oliver Chanyut in direct telephone contact with his family is indispensable and urgently required.


This correspondence will be posted on an advertised internet website if there is no response.


On behalf of the Chokjanphen family, I am,


Sincerely yours,


- signature -


William Champa


Encl.: as stated (6)


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The letter was sent by telefax directly to the Attorney General's Office on July 6, 2005 and by regular airmail from Bangkok, Thailand on July 8, 2005, with the envelope addressed as indicated below:


Return Address:

Mr. James Champa
C/o Mrs. Thanomjit Chokjanphen
75/9 Non Pa Sang
Pha Khao District
Loei Province




Mrs. Christine Dekkers (Mevrouw Christine Dekkers)

Attorney General (Procureur-Generaal)

Attorney General’s Office (Hof van Beroep te Antwerpen)

Waalse Kaai

2000 Antwerp (Antwerpen)

Belgium (BelgiŽ)


A Third Open Letter to the Attorney General of Antwerp, September 16 , 2005: http://thanomchokjanphen.tripod.com/athirdopenlettertotheattorneygeneralofantwerp

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