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Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen - ca. 2008
He looks like a Kamnan; in khaki like a Nai Amphoe

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A Trafficking Victim Surfaces
He endured severe abuse and debilitation from the age of five to his early teens.
He survived. He is alive. He is married. He is a father. He lives in the Belgian countryside.
He has yet to recount his ordeal.

The Child
Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (1989 - 1994)

The parents of Pong Tamnolan
Ban Saika, Nong Kai Province
Oliver Chokjanphen i
Baguio in the Philippi
at Christmas xx(1992
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pong Tamnolan (Chokjanphen),
grandfather of Chanyut Chokjanphen
"Albert" and his grandmother
Boonchan Chokjanphen in
Ban Non Pa Sang, Pha Khao
District, Loei Province (1989)
Chanyut with his cousin
"Tooktha" Veelaiphan in
Chiang Mai at Songkran
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   x
Oliver Chokjanphen in
Techilek, Burma (1992)
Chanyut with his uncle 
Somkid Chokjanphen at
That Luang in Vientiane,
Laos (1992)
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oliver Chokjanphen on
Koh Kong in Cambodia,
early 1992
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oliver Chokjanphen at
Pre Vihear in Cambodia 
in mid-1992
Oliver Chokjanphen at
Angkor Wat in Cambodia
in December 1992
Oliver Chokjanphen in
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) in
December 1992
Oliver Chokjanphen in
Baguio in the Philippines
at Christmas (1992)
xxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oliver Chokjanphen in
Manila in the Philippines
in March 1993
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 
xxx xxx  xxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxx  xxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx 
Oliver Chokjanphen in
Singapore in March 1993
Oliver Chokjanphen in Nice
on Bastille Day 1993
Chanyut at Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises
at the commemoration of the death of
Charles De Gaulle, 9 November 1993 
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Oliver Chokjanphen at
the Jardin d'Acclimatation
in the Bois de Boulogne
of Paris, February 1994
Oliver Chokjanphen in
Neuilly-sur-Seine in March


Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen
at age five in Paris, France in March 1994

Paris, France, March 1994

The Kidnappers, Traffickers and the Paedophile Ring
Psychopaths, killers of children, fraudsters, swindlers, pimps, prostitutes, accomplices 
18 April 1994 - 7 September 2017
J. R. P. (deceased 2003)


M. T. B. (deceased 2016)
Still li                       
P. F. F. V.
T. C.
H. W.


D. B.
xxxxxxxxxxxStill l
V. V.
F. D. L.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx    x
P. S.
J. P.
F. B. P.
H. A. B. P.


C. A. B. P.
1957 -


E. R. R.
1956 -

The Victim
Chanyut Chokjanphen (1994 - 1995)
AKA Chanyut Vermeulen (1995 - )


Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen, Deurne District, Antwerp, Belgium, May - June 1994

The Victim
Posted on the Internet
Chanyut Vermeulen AKA Channy Vermeulen AKA DJ Channy AKA DJ Chavvy (2006 - 2017)
First spotted by friends and relatives in 2009

Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (2006 or 2007)
aka Chanyut Vermeulen

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
Natacha Willems (2006 photo)






Mr. and Mrs. Willems with Natacha's younger sister, Melissa (2008 photo)

Chanyut and Natacha
2007 photo


Chanyut at the temple of Pura Bratan, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, on Lake Bratan in Bali (2007)

2008 photo (?)


Chanyut's son c. 2008


Chanyut and son c. 2010


Chanyut with friends and relatives in Hasselt, Limburg Province, Belgium, 1 March 2013


Need to know something?
ZAPORIZHZHYA, UKRAINE - JANUARY 23, 2015: Young Woman Using Google Web Search on her Smart Phone.
Google it!

Chanyut! Check your Skype account! Do it now. Is it really yours? Is someone else using it?
Talk through the Internet. Two businessmen communicate via Internet. Vector illustration

Image result for Google Earth
Chanyut's home appears on Google Earth satellite and ground-level images. A cozy home. Big back yard. Two-car driveway. A middle-class neighbourhood in the countryside. Some upper-middle class homes.
You can see Chanyut's old home in Thailand in Google Earth satellite and ground level images, too.

Latest message (12/12/16):
Chanyut was accompanied to a state school on Lakborslei in Deurne District of Antwerp in late 1998 every morning by a man in a uniform   -   long light blue pants with a yellow stripe down the sides   -   who has been idenitifed recently as a local Belgian state policeman (Rijkswacht/Gendarmerie national). 
The Belgian state police, like the Justice Police, was disbanded in the early 2000s. It did not wear light blue trousers with a yellow stripe down the sides.
All evidence is that Chanyut was systematically abused by school personnel at the school.  
According to an informant, Chanyut refused to go to the school. The police forced him to go.

Waiting for news from a loved one

Anyone with information about Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (AKA Chanyut Vermeulen and Channy Vermeulen) that can help his family contact him, kindly inform this website at once.
Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen (AKA Chanyut Vermeulen) has not been in direct contact with any member of his immediate family or extended family in Thailand since late 1998. They have received only second and third-hand reports about him. Most of the reports have been proved erroneous, deliberately misleading and perpetrated by malicious third parties or government officials with dubious motives.  

Contact webmaster, Jameson Rosemont:


Thai government TV broadcasts three appeals in search for Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen
Watch the last broadcast on You Tube:

Contact Thai PBS-TV! For details see:


James Champa's website has been blocked by Lycos Tripod since mid-October 2013. Tripod blocked the entire account of 16 websites and has refused to explain or justify the blockage. Hate email was twice received from the company.






Call home!


Or call the headman on Non Pa Sang Township,

at 66 - 08 33556204; 66 - 0839519750.


Or contact the webmaster of this site:

Computer laptop smart phone tablet and touch pad






or call 66 - 08 6024 7032



What is your legal situation in Belgium?


The website that describes your situation in precise detail,


has been blocked by Lycos Tripod without explanation since mid-October 2013. The full implication of this is not entirely clear yet. The matter is considered a criminal matter at present.  


The site has reconstructed at a new website:


Fraud by Antwerp Officials


The attornies who handled your case in 1993 were André Risopoulos in Brussels and Sidney Berneman in Antwerp. All other lawyers following them, in Antwerp and Brussels, were unreliable and could not be trusted. The Antwerp Bar Association has a full list of those lawyers and the complaints against them. Keep this in mind if you need a lawyer. Above all, do not trust any lawyers from Deurne District of Antwerp.


The juvenile court of Antwerp should have all relevant records. The Antwerp prosecuting attorney's office and juvenile court should have records of the subsequent official fraudulent civil registrations committed by local Belgians and Antwerp officials.


A notary in Antwerp, Willy Schoesetters, has several relevant affidavits.


Do not rely on court-appointed or pro deo lawyers. No lawyer will represent you as required unless paid. Do not expect a lawyer to represent you as required eveni if paid. The lawyer will have to be asked by a third party   -   a trusted mutual contact, probably a big client   -   to represent you. You will need such contacts or you will not get anywhere and you will lose your money. 


Contact this website if you need a lawyer or information about current Belgian law and procedure.



Roger Mostmans, your mother’s former landlord on Essenstraat in Antwerp, is holding a package of books, videos, etc., worth hundreds of dollars, addressed to you. He has had it for more than 15 years. Please pick it up. If there is no reply to email inquiries or telephone messages, go to his address on Essenstraat.


Gebr. De Capp Antwerpen

Messages for Oliver Chanyut (anniversaries, calendar events):



On maintaining your health and proper etiquette . . .


James Champa's website has been blocked by Lycos Tripod since mid-October 2013. Lycos Tripod has refused to explain or justify the blockage.








On rainy days, see Oliver's Site:




and for some more interesting things:


Seiler Grand Piano SE-242



See also:


The English Language








What is Belgium? Where is it? For some idea, see:
And what is Thailand? Where is it? (Updated) see:

Please contact this website at once!
The temporary blockage of at least four website accounts by Lycos Tripod employees in late 2010 and early 2011 and another website account since October 2013 has caused additional concern for your safety. The website accounts controled many websites that were posted for you and to assist law enforcement authorities and the public to find you.
The refusal of Lycos Tripod employees to unblock the website account since October 2013 or justify its blockage and their subsequent hate mail is further cause for alarm.


If you don’t contact this website, your family will have to hire a lawyer in Belgium to try to find you.


The lawyer will ask a Belgian government ministry for your address, which is currently listed by (1) the Antwerp city government as the same as your mother's ex-husband Peter Vermeulen’s in Deurne District of Antwerp and by (2) the Zondhoven town hall as in Zondhoven.  


The lawyer will have to find someone, a trusted contact, to ask the prosecuting attorney for Antwerp to ask the police to search for you.


The police will find you eventually and report to the prosecuting attorney your actual address and the names of the persons you are living with.


Spare your family the costs of hiring a lawyer.


Try to avoid contact with the Belgian police and other government officials and NGOs because they might cause problems for you and force you to move, to quit school, to change jobs, etc.


Contact this website now! 








Found on the Internet on October 12, 2013:


Belgian telephone company:






Vermeulen Chanyut

Adresse: Vliegpleinweg 9/B, 3520 Zonhoven

Téléphone: 011761499


The address is correct but the telephone is in Hasselt. The burgemeester and the local police confirmed that the address is correct.


See below for details



Recent trace:


On October 12, 2013 this website noticed the address and telephone number of Chanyut Chokjanphen listed on the following Internet websites posted by the Belgian telephone company:







Vermeulen Chanyut

Adresse: Vliegpleinweg 9/B, 3520 Zonhoven

Téléphone: 011761499



Zonhoven is a small town in Limburg Province, in the northeastern corner of Belgium, north of the city of Hasselt. 


The telephone number is 32 (the code for Belgium) – (0)11 (the code for Hasselt) - 761 499.

This was the first trace of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen to appear on the Internet since September 2012.

On October 18, 2013 a man answering this telephone number replied that the phone was in the city of Hasselt, not in Zonhoven, and that he did not know a Chanyut Vermeulen.

On October 22, two identical letters, addressed to Chanyut Vermeulen in Zonhoven, were sent from a post office in Bangkok, Thailand. The letters requested a reply from Chanyut by post, email and/or relephone. One letter was sent by Express Mailing Service (EMS) (Baht 800) and to be delivered in three to five days. The other letter was sent by regular unregistered airmail (Baht 24) and to be delivered within five to 15 days.

According to the Thai Post tracing record, the EMS letter was delivered in six days, between 6 and 9 p. m. on October 28, 2013. The name and signature of the person accepting the letter was not noted. However, about one week later, there appeared a second listing with the name of Chanyut Vermeulen as the person accpeting the letter, on the same day and before 6 p. m., but without a signature.  

Another unregistered airmail letter was sent to the address on February 14, 2014.

As of May 27, 2014 there has been no response to the letters. 

Thus far, four postings in Belgium have appeared on the Internet in the past four years (in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013)   -   by, for or about Chanyut   -   but seem to have been posted by other people. There is no indication that Chanyut posted anything himself or that he is aware of the postings.


  Search Result : EE112919116TH

DATETIME Scan Location Description Delivery Status  
October 22, 2013
NANA Accept  
October 22, 2013
NANA Items Into Container  
October 22, 2013
NANA Dispatch  
October 22, 2013
October 23, 2013
SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE Outgoing International  
October 24, 2013
Belgium (BEBRUA) To Customs  
October 24, 2013
Belgium (BEBRUA) Accept  
October 26, 2013
Belgium (BEBRUA) Items Into Container  
October 26, 2013
Belgium (BEBRUA) Dispatch  
October 28, 2013
Belgium (35200330) Delivery Status Successful Recipient Name
October 28, 2013
Belgium (35200330) Delivery Status Successful Recipient Name


Delivery Status Item ID: EE112919116TH
Delivery Date : October 28, 2013
Delivery Time : 18:00-21:00
Signature Name : -
Org Name : Belgium (35200330)
Type Of Scan : Successful

Delivery Status Item ID: EE112919116TH
Delivery Date : October 28, 2013
Delivery Time : 16:30-17:59
Org Name : Belgium (35200330)
Type Of Scan : Successful


Zonhoven city hall, Limburg Province, Belgium

Correspondence with the Burgemeester of Zonhoven
Reply from the Burgemeester of Zonhoven
No Subject
Friday, August 29, 2014 3:30 PM
From: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Dear mister Jameson Rosemont
Vermeulen Chanyut, born at 28/02/1989, is still living in Zonhoven, Vliegpleinweg 9/B. His téléphone number is 0032 11 76 14 99.
Met vriendelijke groet
Gemeente Zonhoven  Kerkplein 1  3520 Zonhoven
T xxxxxxxxxxxx  F xxxxxxxxxxxx
Further inquiry from the family

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 5:21 PMF
rom: "Jameson Rosemont" <>
To: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
September 2, 2014
Dear Ms, xxxxxxxxxx,
I thank you for your reply. I tried many times to get a reply from the Zonhoven Gemeentehuis before receiving your reply.
I tried again, just now, to contact Chanyut Vermeulen, at the telephone number you provided in your reply. But the woman who answered the phone does not know Chanyut Vermeulen. I have called this same telephone number several times in the past year and nobody at the number knows Chanyut Vermeulen   -   or so they claim.
Would you be so kind as to call the telephone number yourself?
According to the Belgian post office, a registered express letter from Thailand was delivered to the Zonhoven address and accepted by Chanyut Vermeulen about one year ago. But the postman failed to get a signature from the person who accepted the letter or claimed to be Chanyut Vermeulen.
Would you kindly check the address in Zonhoven to see first-hand if Chanyut Vermeulen is actually living there as you indicated in your email message?
I would appreciate your assistance.
I am, on behalf of the Chokjanphen family,
Sincerely yours,
Jameson Rosemont 
Answer from the Burgemeester
RE: Please check again (Sending again)
Thursday, September 4, 2014 4:23 PM
From: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Jameson Rosemont"
Cc: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Dear Sir
The municipality of Zonhoven is bound to the law on privacy.
Unfortunately, we can not do more for you in this case.
In the future we will no longer comment on your question.
We hope for your understanding.
With kind regards.
Met vriendelijke groeten
Johny De Raeve
i/o Petra Reekmans
Secretariaat Burgemeester



Previous sighting:
A brief message, with photo, on Facebook, Sept. 21, 2012, announced that Channy Vermeulen would be going to a party at the Club Factory (club house/dance hall/night club) in Bree, Belgium. Reference to Chanyut was made in the third person.
The photo was changed many months later. Both photos 
appeared to be several years old.  
This message could have been posted by another person.

Lycos Tripod blocked this website.
Not saying for whom.
This website, Thanom Chokjanphen's Website, was blocked by Lycos Tripod from mid-January to Februray 25, 2011. The controling website account was blocked until March 10, 2011. Lycos Tripod failed to provide a reasonable excuse for the blockage.
For details about this, see:

James Champa's website has been blocked by Lycos Tripod since mid-October 2013. Lycos Tripod has refused to explain or justify the blockage.


Mr. Champa's other Lycos Tripod account was blocked twice, for several hours each time, on October 28, also without explanation. 


Note that Lycos Tripod blocked four other persons' website accounts that controlled websites that exposed pedophiles and traffickers in this same case in 2010 and 2011. One of the blockages was requested by Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce jr., former Charge d'Afffairs at the American Embassy in Bangkok, and by Jane Puranananda, an American secretary for a Thai lawyer, Dej-Udom Krairat, in Bangkok. 


Lycos Tripod employees refused to justify the blockages of the two other accounts. One employee claimed that a technical error had been made in blocking one of the accounts.






Belgian officials hid whereabouts of loved one
Family fears loved one will be murdered to prevent exposure of pedophile ring and accomplices in the police and government.
Acquaintances and government officials in Belgium and Thailand wholly uncooperative.
For details, see:
Belgian officials uncooperative
Antwerp police uncooperative
Belgian Ambassador to Thailand Uncooperative

Is this Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen?


Previous posting, October 30, 2011:



Trace of loved one appears on Internet


I found on a website posted by, a Dutch audio equipment retail company in the southern Netherlands, a comment posted by a Chanyut Channy Vermeulen in Dutch on October 30, 2011.

That must be Chanyut Chokjanphen! Who else could it be? If it is not him, somebody is using his I. D.

I will contact the company and ask how I can contact Chanyut.

I am sending you the message posted by Chanyut (see below).

I found nothing more recent.

Jan N., Wuustwezel, 9 Nov. 2011


Added message:

I called the retail store. The management does not know Chanyut Channy Vermeulen.

Jan N., Wuuswezel, 2012


The Internet posting:




Chanyut Channy Vermeulen  (Zondag 30 oktober 2011 11:37)



Het is een zeer mooie speler. Voor deze prijs kan je geen speler zoals deze kopen met zeer veel functies.


Het heeft een professionele look en is van professionele kwaliteit.


waarom geef ik deze speler maar 3 sterren?

Omdat ik een klein probleem heb met de BPM.

Nu weet ik niet of dat bij alle spelers zo is of alleen bij mij.

De BPM geeft soms niet de juiste waarde aan.

Voorbeeld: hij staat op 128 BPM dat juist is maar na een tijd gaat die naar 126 bpm of naar 130 terwijl de snelheid van de track hetzelfde blijft. soms is het dan moeilijk om te beatmatchen. alle geluk heb ik een pioneer djm 400 dat ook de bpm aangeeft. enzo kan ik het zuiverst mixen.

Als ik mix alleen met de bpm info van mijn cd spelers danzijn de overgangen soms niet helemaal perfect. hoe komt dat? Is er daar iets aan te doen




Two-year-old-plus photos found on the Internet

Oliver Albert Chanyut CHOKJANPHEN
AKA Channy Vermeulen - photograph taken January 9, 2009

Oliver Albert Chanyut CHOKJANPHEN
AKA Channy Vermeulen - photograph taken March 12, 2009

Oliver Albert Chanyut CHOKJANPEN
AKA Channy Vermeulen - photo taken between 2007 and 2009

Photo from webpage
mijn schoon papa, mijn schoonzusje HB (k), en mijn schoen mama - 16 september 2008

"My father-in-law, my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law."

ik en mijn schat voor altijd...never let you go - 31 juli 2007

A family in Limburg?

Oliver Chokjanphen
June 1, 2006


Chanyut Chokjanphen, par lui-même


Posting suggested by Werner Hellman, Baden-Baden, Germany, November 18, 2011


The Netlog website includes an "interview" with Chanyut Chokjanphen. The "interview" was probably posted in 2009 and possibly even earlier. so it might be two or more years old. Here is the "interview":


Interview van channy vermeulen


Over mezelf


kort en bondig... 


ik HOU van 

- mijn alles (natacha) tijgertje one
- mijn rijbewijs
- mijn haren
- mijn kleren
- mijn familie
- mijn beste vrienden
- van limburg 

ik HAAT de rest dat overblijft !!!!

Ik woon

In een huis

Ik woon

Bij (een van) mijn ouders



Kleur ogen?


Gewicht (kg)?


Heb je kinderen?


Favoriete steden



Soort favoriete games




Shoot'em up

Gaming console


Favoriete biermerk






Wodka Red Bull

Favoriete frisdrank

Red Bull





Favoriet kledingmerk

energie,converse,g-star en dixies

Welke kleding draag je op dit moment?

buh alles wat ik graag zie hehe

Interesse auto's


Favoriet automerk


Merk eigen auto


Type eigen auto


Merk gsm


Favoriete krant

Het Belang van Limburg

Favoriete huisdier(en)

mijn tijgertje ggrr hehe (l)

Favoriete event of party


Welk evenement zou je nooit willen missen?

reverze, bassleader, sensation white and black,tomorrowland





Hard Rock





Beste radiozender









Beste films

honey,step up, take the lead, you got served en a walk 2 remember

Favoriete acteur/actrice

ppff :s

Favoriete tv-zender


Nat. Geographic Ch.



Favoriete tv-programma's

tv interseert me niet

Hoe laat ga je slapen?

zijn dat jouw zaken

Het beste dat je tot nu toe is overkomen?

mijn schatje,een goeie vriend tommy,shelly bffl,my big bro gio en natuurlijk mijn schattige broertjes love you

Waar heb je een hekel aan?

dat zal je wel direct merken waaraan als ge me kent ;

De meest irritante vraag die je steeds gesteld wordt is...

een irritante vraag

Welke ervaring wil je nooit meer meemaken?

auto ongeluk

Leukste mens die je dit jaar leerde kennen?


Wat vind jij romantisch?

op strand wandelen tijdens zonsondergang hahaha

Welke vrienden wonen het verst van je?

kweet ni

Wat doe je als je je verveelt?

muziek luisteren



schatjeeuu natachakeeuu hvj hvj hvj hvj (l)(l)(l)(k)(k)




That's Oliver Chanyut!


Message by Thor H., Sweden, August 16, 2012 


An email message from a Chanyut Channy Vermeulen was posted by an audio equipment retail company in the Netherlands on October 30, 2011.


Chanyut (Channy) Vermeulen is actually Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen.


The email message was the last evidence of Oliver Chanyut to appear on the Internet. Nothing more recent has appeared since then.


The email message was also the first trace of him to appear on the Internet in two years   -   since a posting on a Netlog website in late 2009.


The Netlog website and the email message to the Dutch retailer were removed from the Internet in February 2012.


Between June 2006 and February 2012, there were several Facebook and Netlog websites for Channy Vermeulen.


The earliest posting was a video clip on a Netlog website on June 2, 2006 for a djchanny:


The Facebook and Netlog websites were automatically updated but the last (or most recent) posting was in November 2009.  


There were about 80 photos of Oliver Chanyut on the websites, all taken between early 2006 and late 2009. There was nothing more recent than 2009.


The Facebook and Netlog websites were in several languages. (One site on Netlog, in Dutch: All sites were removed in February 2012. 


One Netlog website listed Channy Vermeulen's date of birth as February 28, 1989. So that was certainly Oliver Chanyut.


Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen was born in the village of Muang Mai in Sri Boon Reung Township of Nong Bua Lam Phu District of Udon Thani Province of Thailand on February 28, 1989. This district became a separate province, Nong Bua Lam Phu, in 1993.




In August 2009 there appeared on the Internet a list of students and an instructor for a class at one of the Scheppersinstituut schools in Antwerp. Chanyut Vermeulen was included in the list. This class was the only class of the schools to appear on the Internet. For reasons that should be investigated, school officials refused to acknowledge inquiries from the family in Thailand. The posting was unique and remains a mystery. 


Before the school posting in 2009, there had been no trace of any sort from Oliver Chanyut for five years, since 2004.


In 2004, Oliver Chanyut made two urgent phone calls during the night to one of his mother’s neighbors in his native village in Thailand. Both times, he asked for his mother. Both times, the neighbor told him to call back during the day. He did not call back and his family’s efforts to contact him were obstructed by public school employees in Deurne District of Antwerp. Belgian and Thai acquaintances in Antwerp were uncooperative.


It is likely that something tragic occured to Oliver Chanyut at the time and that he was calling for help.


The Facebook and Netlog websites gave conflicting details about Oliver Chanyut’s whereabouts. Oliver Chanyut appeared to live in two different places. One or more websites gave his residence as Antwerp. This could mean the province of Antwerp or, more specifically, the city of Antwerp. But in a website self-interview, Oliver Chanyut mentioned that he lived in Limburg Province. Other websites indicated that he lived in the town of Houthalen in Limburg Province. It appeared that he had lived in Houthalen since 2006   -   and perhaps earlier. 






Oliver Chanyut's situation was also unclear. He was listed as a student but no details were given.


Other persons appeared in many of the photos posted on the websites. Most of the photos appeared to have been taken in northern Belgium.


In many photos, from 2006 to 2009, Chanyut appeared with a young Caucasian woman by the name of Natacha.


In one photo, dated September 16, 2008, there was a middle age couple of with a young woman. The caption with the photo, in Dutch, read: “My father-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law.”


This would indicate that Oliver Chanyut was married.


This family probably lived in Limburg Province.


One had to consider the possibility that Oliver Chanyut was married to a young woman by the name of Natacha and that her parents lived in Limburg Province, probably in the town of Houthalen.


Nothing about the couple   -   Oliver Chanyut and Natacha   -   has appeared on the Internet since.someone posted a notice about a party at a club in Limburg in 2012 .  


The surname Chokjanphen was created by Oliver Chanyut's maternal grandfather, Pong Tamnolan (1928 - 1988), a Lao health worker from Chaiyaphum Province in northeastern Thailand. He was a Lowland Lao (Lao Loum). He spoke the Vientiane dialect of Lao. The surname is pronounced "Chok - jan - pen". It is sometimes pronounced "Chok - chan - pen". "Chok chan pen" in Thai means "I am lucky” or “I am lucky by the moon".  


In Lao and Tai, the first name Chanyut is usually pronounced "Jan - yoot". It is sometimes pronounced "Chan - yoot". The name is pronounced "Zhan-yoot" and "Shan-yoot" by the Lao villagers.


In Indian mythology, a Chanyut is a warrior or priest.



MIdnight-blue color indicates Lao-speaking regions of Laos and northeastern Thailand


Until the age of three, Oliver Chanyut was known in his native village as Albert and Chanyut. The village is Non Pa Sang of Non Pa Sang Township of Pha Khao District of Loei Province in northeastern Thailand. In Non Pa Sang, both the Vientiane and Luang Prabang dialects of Lao are spoken. Outside the village, and until the age of five, he was known as Oliver. His nickname was "Tiger". In Thailand he was often called a "Look Farang" (“Foreign Child”/“Western Child”/“White Child”). He traveled extensively for the first five years of

his life - in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, Monaco and France.


On October 23, 1995, Oliver Chanyut's surname was altered to Vermeulen at the district office of Deurne District of Antwerp by a fraudulent claim to biological parentage by Peter Francine Francois Vermeulen, a Belgian member of an international pedophile and prostitution ring trafficking in women and children. The fraud was committed in a criminal conspiracy with Antwerp city government and police personnel to traffic Oliver Chanyut to marginal types who were known social undesirables and sexual deviants.


Thus, to this day, Antwerp city government officials, especially the police, insist that Oliver Chanyut lives as Chanyut Vermeulen with someone  they call his "adoptive" father, a pervert and fraudster by the name of Peter Francine Francois Vermeulen, now age 48, at the latter's address in northern Deurne District of Antwerp.


Peter Vermeulen brought Oliver Chanyut’s mother, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, to Belgium in 1991 through a marriage of convenience in Thailand shortly before.


Peter Vermeulen’s fraudulent claim to parentage of Oliver Chanyut was long in planning. Thanomjit and Vermeulen were accompanied by the latter's Belgian employer, Florimond (“Flor”) De Loose, and the latter's Thai wife, Prayoon (“Tim”) Sinchoo, to Thailand in June 1995 to fetch official Thai documents to use in committing the fraud. Thanomjit was accompanied to numerous Thai government offices in Thailand by Prayoon or by De Loose or by both. Thanomjit and Vermeulen intended to separate after committing the fraud.


Channy is a nickname apparently in use for the past several years.


There are other nicknames   -   DJ Channy and DJ Chavvy (DJ means disc jockey).


It appears that Oliver Chanyut did not post the websites himself. Instead, a friend posted them, in his name, with or without his knowledge. For some reason, the websites were abandoned in November 2009 and removed in February 2012.


It appears also that Oliver Chanyut does not have access to the Internet and is unaware of the efforts of friends and relatives to contact him. He is unaware of the many websites posted in an effort to contact him. His friends and in-laws might be unaware of the websites but it seems more likely that some of them know about the family's search for him but have but not mentioned it to him.


Unfortunately, the police in Belgium and Thailand are wholly uncooperative. If pressured, they will cause more harm than good. 


To date, the only government agency to make an attempt to find Chanyut has been the Thai Public Broadcasting System (Thai PBS). Earlier, a Thai policewoman at the Interpol section of the Foreign Affairs Division of the Thai police in Bangkok checked immigrations records several times for traces of Chanyut and some of the Belgians and Thais his mother knew.   


Let's get in direct contact with Oliver Chanyut. 


Nothing can be certain before he appears live on an audio-visual Internet hook-up. Until then we can only hope that he is okay.


Thor H., Stockholm

11-09-11; 04-2-12, updated 08-15-12; 8-16-12; 10-17-12; 04-22-13, Oct. 7, 2014 


Channy Vermeulen
Recent photo on a Netlog site without details

Here he is again!
Another posting on the Internet
A message from Bart Ray, Guam, January 13, 2011
I came across a photo of Channy Vermeulen on an empty Netlog site.
Like all Thais, he's a Dodgers fan.
I am too and I have been since their days in Brooklyn.


Message from Walter Maple, Luxembourg, October 15, 2012


It is hard to believe that Oliver Chanyut has not contacted this website. He should come across some of the many websites mentioning him.


It is conceivable that Oliver Chanyut is not familiar with computers or the Internet. I know politicians who do not know how to post websites or correspond by email. They do not know how to use a computer. They don’t know how to type. They don’t even know about fax machines. They do not know how to send text messages. Somebody has to do it for them.


Whoever posted Facebook and Netlog websites in his name should have noticed the hundreds of websites mentioning him and alerted him.


My feeling is that Oliver Chanyut’s acquaintances know about efforts to contact him. They have said nothing to the websites. They have said nothing to him. How can they justify that? The people he knows and trusts are not really his friends. They do not mean any good.


It appears that he is still in danger.    




Message in a Bottle
An email message from Ivan W., Juneau, Alaska, December 10, 2011
Children kidnapped from their loved ones are often heavily brainwashed before they are recovered. Some are lobotomized.
It could be that Oliver does not have access to the Internet. If so, he cannot know that his family and friends are trying to contact him. Is a laptop so expensive in Belgium? Does it cost so much in Belgium to be Online?
He might not even have a cell phone. Are cell phones so expensive in Belgium?
It could be too that the people around him are dirty or stupid. They should help him contact friends and relatives.
A word from, name withheld, a tourist in Pattaya, March 19, 2012: 
As a retired detective who has some experience in such matters, it does appear that the subject of this search has limited access to the Internet and is unaware of the efforts of friends and relatives to find him.
Even if he has unlimited access to the Internet he might not notice websites that concern him.  
In any case, his acquaintances should
have alerted him. Is he surrounded by the wrong people?
Illegal aliens and refugees don't want to be known. So they say nothing. I suspect that is the problem here. The subject knows only refugees and illegal aliens.
There is a huge problem in such matters with Orientals. They seldom if ever come forward. They are the least cooperative. They are the least reliable. They seem to play deaf and dumb to the end.
There were many photos of the subject. But almost all of the people were Caucasian. There were only one or two Orientals in the photos with the subject. There was one African.
People involved in crime like fraud, dope, theft and prostitution will not say anything. That could be the problem too but in this case I do not think so.

Thais and Belgians have a different way of communicating
A message from Harvey S., London, England, December 3, 2011:
The reason the webmaster never heard from Chanyut or the people who know him is because they do not use everyday means of communications. Instead, they rely on E. S. P. That's all it is.





website visitor's comment




Tripod Mailer



From: Tripod Mailer ( 

Sent:  Thursday, August 02, 2012 3:55:37 PM


name: Davis Edwards






Rudi Veestraeten is suddenly leaving his post as an ambassador to Bangkok now to become a consul-general in Los Angeles, which does not look like a promotion.


On the website of the Belgian Embassy in Bangkok


he says he stayed 4 years in Bangkok, although de facto he stayed only 3 years in Bangkok.


The Belgian Embassy in Bangkok recently moved to the newest and most expensive office building in Bangkok:


Sathorn Square Building - 16th floor

Sathorn Square

98 North Sathorn Road - Bangkok 10500


Some days ago a notorious Belgian criminal was arrested in Phuket:


The bar De Star has become Corona Bar and, according to the staff, the Belgian boss has returned to Belgium.


It is a single shophouse halfway between the post office and the Italian restaurant Da Max and is more or less opposite a Family Mart convenience store.


The official address is:


183/47 Moo 10

Soi Post Office (Pattaya Beach Road Soi 13/2)

Nongprue, Banglamung, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150


The translation of the Dutch text mijn schoon papa, mijn schoonzusje HB (k), en mijn schoen (sic) mama is wrong. It does not mean My handsome father, my beautiful younger sister and my beautiful mother., but my father-in-law, my sister-in-law ... and my mother-in law.


My personal impression is that Chanyut, after an unhappy youth, wants to build up a new life and cut all ties to his family.


The text ik HAAT de rest dat (sic) overblijft !!!! (I HATE the rest that remains !!!!) seems to confirm this.


He also seems to have found happiness with a certain Natasha:


ik HOU van ... mijn alles (natacha) ... (I LIKE/LOVE ... my

everything (natacha) ...).


And he is most probably not interested in military service in a country he even does not know, nor in Thai food, etc.


There is more than one Scheppersinstituut in Belgium: Deurne, Mechelen (the original one), Wetteren.


The owner of Tjoung-Tjoung restaurant died about 5 years ago; his Thai widow continues the restaurant with her 2 daughters. IMO they are decent people.


Peter is a current forename and Vermeulen is a current surname.


The Gijsbrecht van Deurnelaan, B-2100 Antwerpen-Deurne is in the area known as the Antwerp Bronx (Sportpaleis, Albertkanaal, Bisschoppenhoflaan).


The Bisschoppenhoflaan is notorious for its apartment prostitution.


On the Bisschoppenhoflaan there appear to be also Thai brothels.




Tripod Mailer (


Tripod Mailer (



 Sunday, December 23, 2012  2:36:40 AM

                  Davis Edwards


topics: Belgian police are not as corrupt as Thai police
but they are lazy, incompetent and overpaid
and many have an alcohol problem.




Try the police again!
To the webmaster,
Have you asked the police in Houthalen to check for Chanyut? I assume that you have not, for fear of endangering him and the people dear to him.
From my own experience, I know how unreliable the Belgian police are. I have never been able to resolve anything through the Belgian police. Often, they make things worse.
In Belgium, you need a lawyer to obtain anything from the police. Otherwise, forget it. Even if a life is at stake.
But at this late date, there is probably nothing to lose. So, I would suggest contacting the police in Houthalen.
If they claim they cannot find him or his friends, try the police in the Netherlands. There is a chance he lives in Holland instead of Belgium.
Bryan Henderson, East Anglia, U. K., November 12, 2012 

Trace of loved one appeared on Internet (August 2009)

KLASLIJST          Vak:       legende: A = afwezig (geen punten) 13 August 2009
Schooljaar  2008-2009 0,1 = leerling krijgt 0
KLAS: 7WE Vaktitularis:       niets invullen = leerling heeft school verlaten
Klastitularis:    Katleen Havermaet
Nr. Naam                              
1 DE CNODDER Nena                              
2 DE PESTEL Stefanie                              
3 EL MORABIT Fatema                              
4 MAGMANLAC Shella                              
5 SENDEN Sophie                              
6 SERLET Yannick                              
7 TRICOT David                              
8 VERMEULEN Chanyut                              

List of Scheppersinstituut class students and teacher posted on Internet 


Chiang Mai, August 2, 2009


Dear Koulap (ed.: Koulap Chokjanphen Pimsak, older half-sister of Thanomjit Chokjanphen),


While searching the web today, I came across a Chanyut Vermeulen listed among eight students at a technical school called Scheppersinstitut in Deurne for the past school year, 2008-2009 



This is the first trace of Chanyut that I have come across in several years. The school year ended more than one month ago so the record is at least one month old.


I am inclined to believe that this is a record of your nephew. However, I should caution against getting your hopes up too much. This might not really be your nephew. It might be someone using his name. I have come across many Orientals in Antwerp who are not using their real names but someone else's name.


We won't know anything for sure until we make contact with Chanyut through a webcam with audio and video. Getting to that point could take some time. As you know, the Flemish are generally uncooperative and Thais are very unreliable.


I have just spent a couple of days in Bangkok and I met several young Flemings and Chinese from Antwerp on vacation. They knew Antwerp very well. They knew a Chanyut but it was not clear if this was your nephew. There seem to be several Chanyuts in Antwerp. One of them said he would check when he returned to Belgium and contact me.


I suggest that you contact the headman of Chanyut's home township, Mr. Boonthom.


Yours truly,


David Swain



Posting a cover-up?


January 20, 2010


Dear Mrs. Koulap,


I am familiar with the Scheppersinstituut Deurne. One of my step-daughter’s friends went to the school last year. I spoke to this person and several friends about your nephew. They do not know him. They have never seen him. It appears that your nephew never attended the school.


It is possible (though I certainly hope not) that someone registered him for a class at the school and posted it on the Internet to cover up his murder or disappearance. I have not found another posting of classes and students at the school.


It’s too bad that you cannot contact the other students listed in this particular class with your nephew. I assume that school personnel have been unreliable or their replies would have been posted on this site.


I wish I could make a suggestion. It is a scandal that not a single person has come forward to say something. It is a scandal that those who offered to help you   -   and public officials whose responsibility it is to help you  -  have refused to cooperate. It is a situation that cannot last forever. But I fear the worst for your nephew.


Name Withheld

Berchem, Belgium



No reply from Scheppersinstituut to inquiries from Mrs. Koulap 
There has been no reply from the Scheppersinstituut in Antwerp to repeated inquiries by email from Mrs. Koulap about her nephew.
The last inquiry, on June 6, 2010, is posted below. The inquiry was sent through the school's website. It was sent several times.  
I would like to know if my nephew, Chanyut Chokjanphen, AKA Chanyut Vermeulen, age 21, is attending the school. According to information from the school that was posted on the Internet, he was registred for a class last year.
If Chanyut is attending the school, kindly ask him to contact me as soon as possible by email, to my email address, , or by telephone to # 66 - 08 9 501 4780.
If Chanyut is not attending the school this year, please let me know how he can be contacted. The matter is urgent.
I would appreciate your attention in this matter.
My best wishes,
Sincerely yours,
Koulap Chokjanphen (Mrs.)
message sent 060610

Informatie succesvol verzonden.


Did he commute all the way from Limburg to Antwerp? 


An email message from Susan Foley, Boston, Massachusetts, November 15, 2011:


If Chanyut was living in Limburg in 2009, as listed on Netlog websites, how could he attend the Schippersinstituut in Deurne District of Antwerp (see correspondence below) that same year? It's a long drive from Limburg to Antwerp.  


There are no entries on the Netlog sites since late 2009, so is it possible that he moved back to Antwerp?




Belgians generally unreliable

At one time the number of Asiatics enrolled in public and parcochial schools in Deurne District could be counted on the fingers of two hands. But those days are gone. The neighborhoods have changed. Soon, the Flemish could be another minority in local schools.
One would think that you could simply call the school in Deurne District and find out if your nephew is there. Your problem, obviously, is the dishonesty of local police, uncooperative school personnel and unfaithful old friends in the neighborhood. I am afraid to say that this is more than likely due to pedophilia and could be linked to prostitution and the traffic in women and children. That's an old story in Belgium.
You must remember also that many Thais and Filipinas come to Belgium through prostitution and that many Belgians have a curious and abnormal attitude towards pedophilia and prostitution. They are unreliable in kidnapping and trafficking cases. When we lived in Belgium we sent our children to private international schools and forbade them to play with Belgians. I was always afraid of kidnapping, moreso than at any other time.
Unless you can spend some time in Belgium or hire a reliable lawyer in Belgium your chances of finding your nephew are almost nil. You better get a criminal lawyer because the Belgians are very corrupt.
Name withheld
April 18, 2010



No one at the address?


An email message from Avin Van Berg of Antwerp, October 13, 2009


(Webmaster: Mr. Berg, a retired realtor, is not an acquaintance of the family. In a previous email mesage he expressed concern and offered to help. He has no ties to the Thai community.)


Dear Mrs. Koulap,


I looked at the website with your email correspondence with Belgian officials.


I checked the Online Belgian telephone directory and found no listing for your nephew. But there is a listing for Peter Vermeulen, as Vermeulen, P., at Gijsbrecht van Deurnelaan 13, 2100 Deurne (Antwerp), with the telephone number, 03 324 47 20. This phone does not answer. It rings 11 times and then goes dead. There is a mobile phone #, 0475 95 09 75, but this phone too never answers.   


I went to the address twice, on a weekday, once early in the morning, around eight, and again in the early evening, around seven, but there does not appear to be anyone living there. I inquired at a nearby house and the residents said they had never seen anyone go in or out of the building in question.


I suspect the police lied when they claimed to have "researched" the matter.


Avin Van Berg


Antwerp, Belgian


Mobile phone user hangs up


I called the mobile phone number given by Mr. Berg. A man answered, "Hello?" I asked for Mr. Chanyut and he hung up. But the house phone is working. No one ever picks it up but the responder is working.


Carl Diller, Kanchanaburi, Thailand, December 15, 2009 



You're dealing with hoodlums protected by the cops


What do you expect?


Peter Vermeulen is a punk hood. Whores and johns are his only company.


His older half-sister Veerle Vermeulen is a hood too.


Call them, ask for Chanyut, and they hang up. Veerle shouts obscenities into the phone.


The local cops are as bad. You're searching for a missing loved one? They give you the runaround and tell you to let it go. if you don't, they get personal.


You might have to wait years to find out what happened to your missing loved one   -   place, date and cause of death. I know. I did. 


Benjamin Gern, Antwerp, Belgium, January 30, 2010




Belgian police refuse to help contact Chanyut; offer lies instead


On March 16, 2009, Antwerp city government gave Mrs. Koulap an address for Chanyut

Monday, March 16, 2009 10:04 PM
From: "Javier Arenas" <


Dear Sir,


The adress of your nephew is:

Gijsbrechts Van Deurnelaan 13
2100 Antwerpen-Deurne


Best Regards,


Javier Arenas Serrano | administratief assistent
Stad Antwerpen | districts- en loketwerking | DE/DL/BBV
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 360 45 56 | fax +32 3 360 45 98 |
‘t Stad is van iedereen.


On March 24, 2009 the Antwerp city government added the following:


RE: RE: adress
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 3:56 PM
From: "Javier Arenas" <
To: "koulap chokjanphen" <


Dear Mrs,


I check the adress and it is his official adress. It is possible that he lives somewhere else but he is registered on the adress that I give you before.


Best Regards,


Javier Arenas Serrano | administratief assistent
Stad Antwerpen | districts- en loketwerking | DE/DL/BBV
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 360 45 56 | fax +32 3 360 45 98



The Belgian Embassy in Bangkok gave Mrs. Koulap Peter Vermeulen’s telephone number on March 19, 2009:


--- On Thu, 3/19/09, Embassy of Belgium in Bangkok <> wrote:

From: Embassy of Belgium in Bangkok <>
Subject: address
Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009, 9:54 AM


Dear Mrs Koulap, 


According to my research on internet, I can find the following information :



Gijsbrechts Van Deurnelaan 13

Tel + 32 3 3244720


With best regards,

Gerda De Meyer


On March 30, 2009 the Antwerp city police refused to help Mrs. Koulap contact Chanyut:


RE: Contact: Algemeen
Monday, March 30, 2009 6:42 PM
From: "Politie Blauwe Lijn" <
To: "Chokjanphen" <>


Dear Miss Chokjanphen,


Due to the strict laws concerning privacy, I cannot give much information. I can only confirm what you already know. According to our register, Chanyut still lives at Gijsbrechts Van Deurnelaan 13 with Peter Vermeulen, his adoptive father. If they choose not to contact you, I cannot help you any further.




The Blue Line
Information Centre
Local Police Antwerp



On April 6, 2009 the Antwerp city police claimed that Chanyut did not want to contact his family: 


RE: Contact: Algemeen
Monday, April 6, 2009 7:51 PM
From: "Politie Blauwe Lijn" <
To: "koulap chokjanphen"


Dear Sir,


The local officer investigated the matter. There is nothing wrong. Chanyut is an adult now and makes the choice of not contacting you. Please refrain from using the authorities to aid your case. You shall need to abide your time...




The Blue Line
Information Centre
Local Police Antwerp



On April 23, 2009 the Antwerp City Registrar’s Office replied that it had no record of death of Chanyut:


FW: Record of Death
Thursday, April 23, 2009 7:33 PM
From: "Vicky Van Eyck" <>


Dear  Mrs


There is no records of death because your nephew is still alive.  We can’t give you more information due the law of privacy.


Best Regards,


Vicky Van Eyck


Vicky Van Eyck | administratief bediende
Stad Antwerpen | Districts- en loketwerking
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 338 45 67 | fax +32 3 338 45 98 |

‘t Stad is van iedereen.




On April 24, 2009 the Registrar’s Office added the following:


RE: FW: Record of Death
Friday, April 24, 2009 8:09 PM
From: "Vicky Van Eyck"
To: "koulap chokjanphen" <>


Dear Ms


We find the records of your nephew because he is a resident of Antwerp . If he dies in Belgium we receive a certificate.


We can’t give you more personal information about your nephew.


Best Regards


Vicky Van Eyck

Vicky Van Eyck | administratief bediende
Stad Antwerpen | Districts- en loketwerking
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 338 45 67 | fax +32 3 338 45 98 |

‘t Stad is van iedereen.



For the full correspondence with Antwerp officials see:
Most recent inquiry refused by Antwerp city officials
On June 1, 2010 Mrs. Koulap asked Mr. Javier Arenas again for Chanyut's address. Mr. Arenas sent a reply the next day, but refusing to answer her inquiry.

RE: address of relative

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 3:45 PM

From: "Javier Arenas."

To: "koulap chokjanphen"


Dear Mrs. Koulap


With the law of privacy we can’t give you any informacion of your nephew.  What you can do is that you write a letter and send it to us.  So we can send the letter to your nephew and than he can contact you if he wants.


Best Regards

Javier Arenas Serrano | administratief assistent
Stad Antwerpen | districts- en loketwerking | DE/DL/BBV
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 338 45 56 | fax +32 3 338 45 98

‘t Stad is van iedereen.



Mrs. Koulap kept sending her inquiry to the city government, however. On June 15, Mrs. Koulap received a reply from Pascale van Geem, below, explaining that the mayor had decided that the city would not answer her request. 

address of relative

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 6:23 PM

From: "Pascale van Geem."


Dear Sir

You asked the city of Antwerp to verify the adress information of  your nephew, Chanyut Vermeulen.

The board of mayor and aldermen of the city of Antwerp took a decision in principle on the application of the Privacy Act and the regulations on the access to information in population registers.  As a result, we are very sorry to inform you that we cannot answer your question.

The access to information in the population register is strictly regulated. In general, individual information from the population register may only be disclosed if the information refers to the applicant.  You can only ask for information about yourself but not about (deceased) family members or other people.

As an exception, the law provides for a number of cases, such as for a notice to a defaulting debtor, where third parties may obtain information by making a written request, but this does not apply to your question.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. You can find the necessary contact details at the top of this letter.

With kind regards

Pacale van Geem  | consulent rechten
Stad Antwerpen | Districts- en loketwerking
Postadres: Grote Markt 1, 2000 Antwerpen

Contact: Francis Wellesplein 1, 2018 Antwerpen
tel + 32 3 338 98 32 I fax + 32 3 338 48 30 |

‘t Stad is van iedereen.


Dit e-mailbestand, met inbegrip van zijn eventuele bijlagen, is een officieel document van de Stad Antwerpen. Het kan vertrouwelijke of persoonlijke informatie bevatten. Als u deze boodschap per vergissing hebt ontvangen, verzoeken wij u om de afzender daarvan onmiddellijk per e-mail of telefoon op de hoogte te stellen en ze vervolgens van uw computer te verwijderen zonder de inhoud ervan eerst te lezen, te vermenigvuldigen, te verspreiden of op andere wijze openbaar te maken aan derden. De Stad Antwerpen kan op geen enkele manier aansprakelijk worden gesteld voor mogelijke fouten of onnauwkeurigheden in dit bericht, noch voor verlies, ongemak of directe dan wel indirecte schade geleden ten gevolge van het gebruik van in deze e-mail voorkomende incorrecte informatie


Patrick Janssens, Burgemeester van Antwerpen


Several years ago, Janssens, in obvious complicity with local prostitution and pedophile rings, refused to comply with a legal request for information. Documentation about this matter is available upon request.



Antwerp Reegistrar's Office Refuses to answer Mrs. Koulap's request for possible death certificate


RE: Record of Death

Friday, July 23, 2010 6:16 PM

From: "Vicky Van Eyck." <>

To: "koulap chokjanphen" <>


Geachte mevrouw


Wegens de wet op de privacy mogen wij u die informatie niet meedelen.


Met vriendelijke groeten


Vicky Van Eyck


Vicky Van Eyck | administratief assistent

Stad Antwerpen | Districts- en loketwerking

Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne

tel + 32 3 338 45 67 | fax +32 3 338 45 98 |


‘t Stad is van iedereen.



Dit e-mailbestand, met inbegrip van zijn eventuele bijlagen, is een officieel document van de Stad Antwerpen. Het kan vertrouwelijke of persoonlijke informatie bevatten. Als u deze boodschap per vergissing hebt ontvangen, verzoeken wij u om de afzender daarvan onmiddellijk per e-mail of telefoon op de hoogte te stellen en ze vervolgens van uw computer te verwijderen zonder de inhoud ervan eerst te lezen, te vermenigvuldigen, te verspreiden of op andere wijze openbaar te maken aan derden. De Stad Antwerpen kan op geen enkele manier aansprakelijk worden gesteld voor mogelijke fouten of onnauwkeurigheden in dit bericht, noch voor verlies, ongemak of directe dan wel indirecte schade geleden ten gevolge van het gebruik van in deze e-mail voorkomende incorrecte informatie




Van: koulap chokjanphen []

Verzonden: vrijdag 23 juli 2010 9:01

Aan: Vicky Van Eyck

Onderwerp: Record of Death


Dear Madame:


According to several people in Antwerp, my nephew, Chanyut Chokjanphen, AKA Chanyut Vermeulen, who would be age 21 this year, is deceased. I have been unable to find out more.


Would you kindly check your records for the death of Mr. Chanyut and let me know what you have.


My best wishes,


Sincerely yours,


Koulap Chokjanphen (Mrs.)


Chanyut Chokjanphen, A. K. A. Chanyut Vermeulen, born in Udon Thani, Thailand on February 28, 1889, son of Thanomjit Chokjanphen 



Ed.: Many persons have made similar Nobody misinterprets right to privacy laws more than Belgian government officials and it is often to excuse their laziness and incompetence and, of course, to cover up their complicity in crime. 


According to lawyers in Belgium, Mrs. Koulap, as Chanyut's aunt, has a legal right to inquire and is entitled to a proper reply.



Mrs. Koulap wrote to Mr. Arenas Serrano, reminding him that Thai employees of Thai restaurants in Antwerp claimed that Chanyut had returned to Thailand one year ago and also that he was dead.

On July 29, 2010, Mr. Arenas Serrano sent the following message, stating, in effect, that Belgium does not have a death certificate for Chanyut.

RE: FW: Record of Death

Thursday, July 29, 2010 8:17 PM
To: "koulap chokjanphen"

Dear Mrs. Chokjanphen

There is no record of death registered for your nephew.  I’m going to the police and ask to start an investigation and wait for the result.

Best Regards,

Javier Arenas Serrano | administratief assistent
Stad Antwerpen | districts- en loketwerking | DE/DL/BBV
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 338 46 56 | fax +32 3 338 45 98

‘t Stad is van iedereen.


There was no further word from Mr. Arenas Serrano, so, on August 13, Mrs. Koulap sent him another email message, shown here below.


RE: FW: Record of Death
Friday, August 13, 2010 1:30 PM
From: "koulap chokjanphen"
Udon Thani
Friday, August 13, 2010
Dear Mr. Javier Arenas Serrano,
I wrote to you earlier with a request for the address of my nephew, Chanyut Chokjanphen.
In your last message, on July 29, you declared that you were going to the police to request an investigation. You added that you would wait for a reply.
I have not received any word from my nephew. No one in his mother’s village has heard from him.
I have received reports of his death, serious injuries, permanent disabilities, his disappearance, and return to Thailand . I have heard also that he his working in Antwerp ’s China Town.
The address you gave me for my nephew last year is an incorrect address   -   fraud perpetrated by an international pedophile and prostitution ring operating with the complicity of the city police and mayor’s office.
I hope your intentions in turning to the police were good and honest and that you asked them to find my nephew, Chanyut. Many city employees have urged the police to join the fraud, cover for the pedophile ring and intimidate my nephew, his friends, relatives and witnesses.  
It has been 15 days since your last message. Surly, you have received a reply by now. The police should have found my nephew.
The police should arrange for Chanyut to contact me directly. That would be the sensible and proper thing to do. This is a regular police procedure throughout the world. It takes but a few minutes. My nephew should contact me through live audio-visual Internet facilities so that I can be sure that I am not in contact with someone else pretending to be him. 
Would you kindly let me know if my nephew is alive and how I can reach him?
Koulap Chokjanphen (Mrs.)
(Translation from Thai into English by Jack Wallace)
Mrs. Koulap sent many reminders to Mr. Arenas and finally got a reply on September 7, 2010.
Van: koulap chokjanphen []
Verzonden: dinsdag 7 september 2010 6:54
Aan: Javier Arenas
Onderwerp: Record of Death
--- On Sat, 9/4/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: Record of Death
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, 7:26 PM
--- On Thu, 8/26/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: Record of Death
Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010, 4:28 PM
--- On Fri, 8/20/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: Record of Death
Date: Friday, August 20, 2010, 2:07 PM
--- On Fri, 8/13/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: RE: FW: Record of Death
Date: Friday, August 13, 2010, 1:30 PM
RE: Record of DeathTuesday, September 7, 2010 1:42 PM
From: "Javier Arenas."
To: "koulap chokjanphen"
Dear Mrs.
If there is a problem with your nephew the police let us know.  For the moment is everything ok with your nephew.
We let you know is there is a problem.  For the rest we can’t give you any personal informacion about your nephew (privacy law).
You can always write a letter and send it to us and we give it to your nephew an than he can contact you.
Best regards
Javier Arenas Serrano | administratief assistent
Stad Antwerpen | districts- en loketwerking | DE/DL/BBV
Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1 | 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
tel + 32 3 338 46 56 | fax +32 3 338 45 98 |
‘t Stad is van iedereen.


On September 9, Mrs. Koulap asked Mr. Arenas to send her email message to her nephew.

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: RE: Record of Death
To: "Javier Arenas." <>
Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010, 1:53 PM

Dear Mr. Arenas,
Your response is rather odd and indicates only that something is wrong regarding my nephew, Chanyut.
How is it that you are the only such office in the world offering this response?
I have sent letters to Chanyut at the address that you gave me last year. All but one of the letters were returned. We did not receive a letter from Chanyut. He did not telephone. He did not send an email message.
However, you can still ask Chanyut to call me at once at 66 - 08 - 9501 - 4780. He can call me collect. If he has forgotten Thai, an English translator is here.
He can also send an email message to me at .
He can write to me at the following address:
Mrs. Koulap Chokjanphen
72/5 Kham Duang
Ban Phue District
Udon Thani Province 41160
It is best for him to contact me by phone or email. That is much faster.
You can try to contact my nephew at the following telephone numbers, which are the phones of the actual resident of the address that you gave me last year, Peter Vermeulen   -   03 324 47 20 and 0475 95 09 75. You can also send him a copy of this email message but I doubt that he will receive it. You really have to speak to him.
Sincerely yours,
Koulap Chokjanphen 

There was no word from Oliver Chanyut, so Mrs. Koulap contacted Mr. Arenas again, on September 21:

RE: Record of Death
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 7:18 PM
From: "koulap chokjanphen" <>
Dear Mr. Arenas,
Twelve days have passed since I asked you to contact my nephew, which you said you would do, and convey my wish to speak with him.
I have not received a call, an email message or a letter from him. Did you remember to inform him? if not, please do so.
Koulap Chokjanphen Pimsak (Mrs.)


But there was no reply from Mr. Arenas. Mrs. Koulap sent her last message again on September 24.

--- On Fri, 9/24/10, koulap chokjanphen <
> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: Fw: RE: Record of Death
Date: Friday, September 24, 2010, 10:57 AM


But there was no reply from Mr. Arenas. Mrs. Koulap sent her last message again on September 28.

--- On Tue, 9/28/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: RE: Record of Death
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2010, 11:34 AM


But there was no reply from Mr. Arenas. Mrs. Koulap sent a reminder on October 14.

--- On Thu, 10/14/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: RE: Record of Death
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 12:28 AM

October 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Arenas,
It has been five weeks since I asked you to forward my email message to you of that day, September 9, to my nephew, Chanyut Chokjanphen (see below).
As you stated on September 7, you would send him my request for contact with him (see below).
I have not received a reply from him in any way.
Are you sure you sent him my request for him to contact me?
In your last message you indicated that you had corresponded with the police about my nephew. Who was the policemen you were in contact with?
My kind regards,
Koulap Chokjanphen (Mrs.)


But there was no reply from Mr. Arenas. Mrs. Koulap sent her last message again on October 15.

--- On Fri, 10/15/10, koulap chokjanphen <> wrote:

From: koulap chokjanphen <>
Subject: RE: Record of Death
Date: Friday, October 15, 2010, 1:05 AM


But there was no reply from Mr. Arenas. Mrs. Koulap sent her last message again on October 27.

RE: Record of DeathWednesday, October 27, 2010 12:05 PM
From: "koulap chokjanphen" <>Add sender to ContactsTo: Javier.Arenas@stad.Antwerpen.beDear Mr. Arenas,
There has been no reply from my nephew, Chanyut Chokjanphen.
Two personal contacts in Antwerp have been to the address that you claim to be his and they have confirmed that he does not live there.
If you forwarded to my nephew my request to contact him, as you said you would, he would have replied. Did you forward my request?
Who is the policeman you claim to have been in contact with about my nephew?
I believe I deserve a reply.
Koulap Chokjanphen (Mrs.)

But there was no reply from Mr. Arenas.


Mrs. Koulap sent another inquiry to mr. Arenas on December 6, 2010:

RE: Record of DeathMonday, December 6, 2010 7:25 AM
From: "koulap chokjanphen" <>
To: Javier.Arenas@stad.Antwerpen.beDear

Mr. Arenas,

I have not received a reply from my nephew, Chanyut Chokjanphen.

I gave you a letter, as you requested, on September 9, to forward to my nephew (see below). In the letter, I requested immediate contact with my nephew. You were to give him the letter.

That was three months ago.

Did you forward the letter to my nephew?

There is no conceivable reason for the lack of reply from my nephew. If he is alive, he would have contacted me.

I believe I am due a proper reply from you.

Trusted friends have been to Antwerp and searched for Chanyut. They have not found him. There are an increasing number of Thais in Antwerp who maintain that Chanyut is dead   -   and has been dead for some time. Some claim he was murdered.

Even journalists from media organizations in Belgium who have expressed an interest in the matter could find no trace of Chanyut or details of his death.

The Belgian police were complicit in the trafficking and
kidnapping of my nephew and refused to account for him. There is no denying the fact. It is well-documented. You can complain to the police about my inquiries if you wish but I will not be intimidated. I will persist in my efforts to find him.

Kindly contact my nephew and urge him to contact me immediately. If he is dead, please let me know just when and where he died and give me details of his death.

Kindly press the police again to put Chanyut in immediate contact with me. If the police are derelict, ask the prosecuting attorney for Antwerp to compel the police to cooperate.


Koulap Chokjanphen (Mrs.)  


There was no reply from Mr. Arenas, so Mrs. Koulap sent her email message again, on December 10, 2010.

RE: Record of Death
Friday, December 10, 2010 5:18 AM
From: "koulap chokjanphen" <>

There was still no reply from Mr. Arenas, so Mrs. Koulap sent her email message again, on December 15, 2010.

RE: Record of Death
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 4:47 AM
From: "koulap chokjanphen" <>

But there has been no reply.



The Kamnan has some news
Transcript of a telephone conversation with the headman of Chanyut Chokjanphen's 
village, October 22, 2009: 
W. Champa: "Have you seen Chanyut Chokjanphen?"
Kamnan: "Nobody has seen him."
W. Champa: "Have you heard anything about him?"
Kamnan: "Yes, I have. Recently, his mother said that he is still living in Belgium."
W. Champa: "So, have you seen his mother, Thanomjit?"
Kamnan: "Yes. His mother is still in Non Pa Sang. In the evenings, sometimes, I see her walking around."
W. Champa: "Chanyut is now 20 years old. Do you know if the Thai army has drafted him?"
Kamnan: "Of course, I know. He was born here."
W. Champa: "There is evidence that Chanyut lives in Belgium but no one has been able to contact him." 
Kamnan: "The police just collected evidence and information from the district office."
What does the above mean?
It probably means that the Thai army asked the police about Chanyut and that the police have fetched official birth and residence records to confirm that he can be conscripted at the local army base.    
Otherwise, it means nothing. The police have inquired about Chanyut many times before and did nothing other than write zany reports to excuse police intransigence, incompetence and complicity in the traffic in children.

The Kamnan has more to say
On November 23, 2009, the headman of Non Pa Sang Township, Boonthom Ragkaew, spoke again to William Champa:
"Chanyut's mother, Thanomjit, says she left Chanyut's case up to the Thai government. I do not have the authority to order the local police to find Chanyut. We are holding elections in the district now. After the elections, I will speak to the police at district headquarters, the district chief and the Thai army about Chanyut."
What does this mean? The headman will give the police, district chief and army the latest information that Mrs. Koulap Chokjanphen has gathered about Chanyut. What they will do is anybody's guess. The district chief and police are unlikely to do anything unless asked by the army.

What does this mean?
From ------------------------------, December 1, 2009
Why does Mr. Champa talk to village officials in Thailand?
The last headman of Non Pa Sang would never have said "I have no authority . . . "  to do this or do that. He let you think that he could do anything and everything, even if he could not and, in fact, never did anything. 
If you want to talk to officials in Pha Khao, go to one of the brothels in the district headquarters, Non Po Dang, during lunch hour or after work. There you meet local teachers, policemen, young girls . . .

The Kamnan has something to add
On December 22, 2009, the headman of Non Pa Sang Township, Boonthom Ragkaew, spoke again with William Champa:
"I spoke to the district chief. He has the documents that Mr. William collected (about Chanyut) and presented. He is examining the documents now.
"I have not spoken to the local police or to the army yet.
"I will give the documents to Chanyut's mother, Thanomjit, and ask her to present them to the police and to the army."
Kamnan a waste of time!
A comment from T. L., Korat, Thailand, January 3, 2010:

Asking a headman to do something is ridiculous! It's a waste of time. See how he hasn't done a thing yet. After all this time!


And he leaves it up to a woman who can't read and who is too afraid of the police to take the matter to them.

No word from the Thai police about Chanyut


More from Mr. Boonthom, March 18, 1010


Mr. William called Mr. Boonthom Ragkaew on Thursday, March 18, 2010. Mr. Boonthom’s wife, Mrs. Ragkaew, answered and said Mr. Boonthom was away for the day.


Mr. William said that together with friends and relatives he has searched all over Antwerp for Chanyut and found no trace of him. Belgian officials are uncooperative. They lie repeatedly. There is a 50-50 chance that Belgian officials could be hiding Chanyut's death or permanent debilitation.


Mrs. Ragkaew informed Mr. William that her husband is no longer the headman. There has been a new headman since last December. His name is Samai Woostatook. She did not know his telephone number.


Mrs. Ragkaew said no one had heard anything about Chanyut. She said that the police came in September to inquire about Chanyut. The police checked with the district chief and visited Mr. Boonthom, who showed them letters he had received from Mr. William. The police also saw Chanyut’s mother, Thanomjit.


Three months later, in December 2010, the district chief and Mr. Boonthom received more details from Mr. William. Thanomjit asked Mr. Boonthom for the letter that he received from Mr. William and he gave it to her.


Mrs. Ragkaew said that it is common knowledge that Thanomjit does not care about Chanyut.


Mr. William recalled that Thanomjit associated with pimps, prostitutes and pedophiles in Pattaya and Antwerp and that they came to the village to bribe her relatives and they bribed officials in Bangkok and Pattaya. She is afraid of the police.


Mr. William said Thanomjit should provide credible evidence to the headman that Chanyut is alive. She should put the headman in direct contact with Chanyut.


Mrs. Ragkaew said Thanomjit told Mr. Boonthom that she has not contacted Chanyut but she has relatives living in Prachinburi who have contacts in Belgium. Thanomjit said they could find out about Chanyut.


Mrs. Ragkaew said that the new headman, Mr. Samai, lives next door to Thanomjit.




What does it mean?


The Thai police inquired about Chanyut six months ago. The police should have informed Mr. Boonthom about Chanyut by now. It appears that the police did not inquire about Chanyut in order to find him but did so for other reasons.


The police throughout Thailand are often involved in narcotics and prostitution and also in the kidnapping of children for prostitution.   




No sign of Chanyut at new headman's home


On  August 13, 2010 someone at the the home of the new headman, who was absent, said that he had not seen or heard anything about Chanyut.




New headman's home has no news


The headman of Non Pa Sang Township (tamboon) is Samai Boosabok. 


On September 28, 2010 the wife of the headman said he was absent. 


However, she said that she was familiar with the story of Chanyut. Everyone in the district knows it.


She said she was aware that the Thai army wanted Chanyut.


She said that that she would try to find out about Chanyut and call back.


About two hours later, Thanomjit Chokjanphen called. 


Thanomjit said that Chanyut is alive and living with his "father", Peter Vermeulen, in Belgium.


She said that she was not in contact with him.


She said she did not know anyone in Prachinburi in touch with Chanyut.


She did not understand that there was a website posted in her name.


The headman's wife said that Thanomjit was very simple-minded. She could not read Thai. She did not understand personal computers and she did not have money to spend in an Internet shop. She lives alone with a young child, a girl. 


It is not clear if Thanomjit's second son, Ed, by Phousith Sibounloeang, is still living with her.  




Checking up on the local situation, James Champa learned that the headman, Mr. Samai, and his wife seem to have separate addresses. But the post office continues to deliver letters addressed to the headman to his wife. The headman does not live next door to Thanomjit, as the wife of the previous headman claimed. But the wife of the present headman seems to live close by. Either that or Thanomjit has moved to another part of the village and lives next door.


Ther new headman says he has discussed this matter with the district chief and personnel in the latter's office. Thanomjit is wholly uncooperative. (She realizes that she committed a crime and fears imprisonment.) The headman understands that public officials were complicit in the trafficking of Chanyut.


It remains to be seen whether or not the headman asks the police to account for Chanyut and put him in contact with Chanyut. Mr. James has urged him mist strongly to ask the police to do so. We should know shortly.



Latest word from the headman, December 25, 2010:
James Champa wrote to the headman of Non Pa Sang Township, Samai Boosabook, on October 7, 2010.
In subsequent telephone communications, Mr. Samai replied that he gave the letter to the Pha Khao district chief.
Mr. Samai complained that the police at district police headquarters in Non Pa Dang refused to consider his request to search for Chanyut and try to contact hm. He said they claimed they were "too busy".
In reply, Mr. James wrote again on January 7, 2011. 
Mr. James asked Mr. Samai if the district chief had done anything.
He advised Mr. Samai to go to police headquarters with Huayha Saising who, according to many case documents, is the only reliable policeman in the district. 
He also pointed out that of the family of Thanomjit's deceased mother, Boonchan Veelaiphan, only Thanomit's cousins Tooktha and Tooktha's brother and sister, had any integrity.   

False friends
Leah Mindajao

Why the silence?
Abigaile Denys

Old acquaintances renege on offer to help the family find Chanyut

Bruno Denys is a long-time Flemish resident of Deurne. His parents reside there.

In the 1990s, Mr. Denys and his common-law wife, a Filipina of Visayan origin, Leah Mindajao, lived together with their two daughters, Abigaile and Kimberley, in Deurne. (Leah was Mr. Denys's second wife from the Philippines. He was legally married to a Filipina with whom he no longer lived thus he and Leah lived as a common-law husband and wife.)

Chanyut played with Abigaile and Kimberley as a young child.

Leah and Thanomjit often worked together as cleaning women in Antwerp.

Today, Leah and her daughters live with Leah's new husband at Ter Heydelaan 316 b1 in Deurne District. 

A friend of Mrs. Koulap spoke by phone with Abigaile Denys in early May of 2009. Abigaile agreed to check on a nearby address that the Antwerp city government claimed to be Chanyut's residence.

Mrs. Koulap also sent letters to Leah, Abigaile and Kimberley in early May 2009, by airmail, with a formal request to check on the address.

But there was no response from either Leah, Abigaile or Kimberley. (They were not heard from at all, despite numerous reminders.)

So Mrs. Koulap wrote to Mr. Denys. She sent a letter by air.

There was a reply from Mr. Denys by email on May 30, 2009. Mr. Denys offered to help Mrs. Koulap find Chanyut.

Here is Mr. Denys's Letter:

[ No Subject ]

Saturday, May 30, 2009 3:02 AM

To Koulap Chokjanphen Pimsak,

I have received your letter in good order today.

I do admire your courage for keeping on trying for so many years to to get in touch with Chanyut.

First off all, my e-mail with is not standing anymore, so don’t waste your time by sending mail via that channel.

Next, I‘ l try to do the best I can to track Chanyut down, and to hand him your address and phone number.

I will let you know when I know his whereabouts as soon as I contacted him.

It will be up to him to contact you or not, I will not force him, but I think it would be wise of him to get in touch with his  family in Thailand, and also to know what is happening with his mother because whatever happened she is still his mother.

Bruno Denys

Bisshoppenhoflaan 595   

2100 Deurne

In September 2009 Mr. Denys sent another email message to Mrs. Koulap but offered no information about Chanyut.  


--- On Sun, 9/6/09, DENYS <> wrote:

From: DENYS <>
Subject: you e-mail to my daughter on 25/8/2009
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009, 8:01 PM

Dear Koulap Chokjanphen,


I did not forget to look for Chanyut, only I did not have the time to go to the City.


Because of my work in the South of the Country, where I am staying at a hotel, from Monday to Friday afternoon, I did not have time to see or contact people during the weekdays, so it as to be done during the weekends.


Since Thai people are not to talkative when it comes to give you information about other Thais, this is another handicap in finding somebody’s whereabouts.


I’ll keep on trying to find him, but it is not easy.


Bruno Denys


That was the last word from Mr. Denys.


In November 2009, Mrs. Koulap reminded Mr. Denys and his daughter, Abigaile, about her request to them.


But, more than 18 months after Mrs. Koulap's initial request, there was no word from them about Chanyut.  




Behavior of others suspected


September 20, 2009


It is inconceivable that a 20-year-old has absolutely no access to the Internet, but this appears to be so in the case of your loved one.


It looks also like someone is stealing his snail mail.


Obviously, he has no friends. It is astonishing that all the people around him are cheating him or are so unreliable.


I cannot help but wonder if your nephew was lobotomized.


Theodore J. Clovis

New York




Still trying to contact Chanyut


Dear Koulap,


I do not understand the failure of Bruno Denys, who was a friend of the family, to check on an address for you, especially if it is so near his home. That is the very least he could do. Takes but a few minutes   -   not seven months.


There might be some reason for his reluctance to answer. But then again there might not be. Let's assume that his behavior is generally erratic and that he is irresposible and unreliable. He might also mean harm, so I suggest not contacting him again.    


In any case, several people have gone to the address and reported that Chanyut does not live there. Still, it would be better to hear about it from an old acquaintance liike Denys, who once knew Chanyut and was a friend of his mother.   


The claim of the Antwerp city police that Chanyut lives at the address, with Peter Vermeulen, and that he does not want to talk with Mrs. Koulap is indeed an obnoxious lie.


Several people who made similar inquiries to the Antwerp city police over the years told me that they got similar replies and learned later that the people they were trying to contact had left Antwerp long before.


Perhaps the policeman at headquarters tells everyone the same thing. (You have to know Belgians and Belgian policemen to understand that.)


It is possible that a policeman in Deurne spoke to Vermeulen and reported his remarks to headquarters. But since Vermeulen is a hoodlum, there should be no reason to accept anything he says. Perhaps the policeman was very lazy and incompetent. Or he could have been a relative of Vermeulen. Or he might moonlight for   -   or hang out with   -   the the same criminal gang that Vermeulen works for. (Some Belgian cops procure young girls from Belgium to bars in the Netherlands. And many Belgian cops are involved with pedophile rings.)


I have tried, indirectly through persons more familiar with computers and the Internet, to contact the teacher and students listed in a class with your nephew at the Scheppersinstituut Deurne (posted by the school on the Internet), through personal On-line addresses listed publicly on various websites, like Hotmail and Facebook, but there has been no reply.


Jameson Rosemont, London, England, December 4, 2009



December 18, 2009


Dear Oliver Chanyut,


You have a box of personal effects in the garage of the organ maker, De Cap Antwerp. The owner, Roger Mostmans, is holding a large package and a lot of mail for you. Mr. Mostmans and his family own the building on Essenstraat 22 in northern Antwerp in which your mother lived in the mid-1990s.



Roger Mostmans

Decap Antwerp

Essenstraat 22/24

2060 Antwerp

Tel. & Fax: 03 – 232 - 15 - 07




You should pick it up yourself.


John Chang

Chiang Mai



Petty officials obstructing search


A message from Gustav Hack, Ghent, January 9, 2010:


Dear Mrs. Koulap,


I believe that your nephew was killed or permanently physically and mentally disabled by his traffickers to keep him from exposing them.


Your websites detail how pedophiles in Belgium obstructed all efforts by your nephew and by his family to contact one another. I believe also that the same people are keeping the facts of his death or injuries from you.


The police, schools and civil service in Belgium are over-run by homosexuals and pedophiles. That is why you have been unable to find your nephew.


The officials who can find out what you need to know will do nothing until ordered from above. Their boss has to get something from you   -   a bit of money   -   before they will do anything.


All you can do is to hire a reliable lawyer. He will use his contacts. He will get ibn tiouch with the right officials, the police, prosectors, or their boss. It should not cost too much.  




Two Thai restaurant owners in Antwerp’s Chinatown claim not to know Chanyut


Seree Thai and Tjoung-tjoung restaurant owners uncooperative



On July 5, the Thai owner of the Seree Thai restaurant in Antwerp claimed that she did not to know Chanyut.



On July 11, 2010 the Thai wife of the Belgian owner of the Tjoung-tjoung restaurant in Antwerp claimed not to know anyone named Chanyut.


This was a lie, of course. The Thai woman, her husband and her children know very well who Chanyut is. Why would she lie?



Is this Denis Baelemans?

Westband circa 1991
Denis Baelemans, standing, second from left

I read about the kidnapping of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen by a Belgian family in Antwerp on one of your websites.


I recall the story about Chanyut.


I live in Antwerp and visited people in Deurne District in the 1990s.


A local Belgian, Peter Vermeulen, brought a “Thai wife” from Thailand back to Deurne. Three years later the couple got the woman’s five-year-old son. And a year later, Vermeulen made a claim to paternity of the boy through a false “recognition” at the Deurne District Office. Then the couple broke up. Vermeulen’s older half-sister, Veerle, and her husband, Denis Baelemans, took the boy from a local public school, claiming to be his mother and uncle. They did so with the complicity of the school and police. Some policemen and school employees were related to Baelemans and Vermeulen.  


I saw Chanyut with Veerle and/or Denis Baelemans in the streets in Deurne District several times in the late 1990s. They accompanied him to and from the public primary school on Lakborslei/Comfortelei. For a year, they accompanied him also to the Don Bosco boarding school in nearby Wijnegem on Monday mornings and picked him up on Friday afternoons.


Chanyut did not live with Peter Vermeulen, who lived near the shcool, as city government officials claimed. But I saw Chanyut a few times alone with Peter Vermeulen in local bars on weekends. He was just a boy and, of course, it didn’t look right.  


Chanyut was the only Oriental pupil in the two schools (mentioned above). Local people complained that Baelamans, the Vermeulens, the local police and school employees inflicted persistent abuse on Chanyut over many years.  


The boy's family in Thailand tried to contact him. Baelemans, Vermeulen, school employees, police personnel and court officials were uncooperative and obstructive.


Had it been the U. S., the U. K. or even France, the police would have taken the boy immediately from Baelemans and Vermeulen and put him in touch with his family in Thailand. 


I do not have any photos of Baelemans or Veerle Vermeulen.


I recall that Baelemans was supposed to be a musician. I found possible reference to Baelemans on a website,, about a local rock band, Westband, that played in Belgium some 20 to 40 years ago. There is a comment on the site:


. . . Vanaf 1991 kwam er weer een verandering in de groep . . . en leadzanger werd Dennis Baelemans uit Antwerpen . . . 


Baelemans and his wife were rotund. 


There are three photos of Denis Baelemans on the same website, taken in the early 1990s. This looks like the person I saw in the mid-1990s.


Perhaps someone can confirm if the photo is the same Denis Baelemans mentioned here. Please post photos of Veerle Vermeulen and the school employees and policemen involved.  


Name Withheld, Antwerp
September 23, 2011
Response from Another Name Withheld, Antwerp, October 29, 2011
Yes, that's Denis Baelemans. He shaved his moustache in the mid-1990s.  

Call home!


Tel.: 66 - 08 - 9 - 501 - 4780


Three telephone numbers for the township headman (kamnan tamboon), Boonthom Ragkaew: 66 - 87 - 214 - 1383;  66 - 85 - 756 - 5799;  66 -81 - 052 - 0698


Or call your mother's neighbors: Adoon: 66 - 89 - 274 - 5099

Current local time in Antwerp:

Current local time in Bangkok: 

For the current time nywhere in the world, click here:


Or send an email message to: ; or ; or; or


To maintain contact with Chanyut, Mrs. Koulap is prepared to send him the following:


1) An international cell phone, with built-in digital camera with audio and video, and all accessories;


2) A digital camera, with built-in audio and video, and all accessories;


3) A lap top computer with online and webcam facilities, with all accessories; and


4) emergency cash 

Thai Police Refusing to Search for Chanyut
Thai policemen who were complicit in trafficking Chanyut have obstructed search and rescue efforts.
For more, See:

The Royal Thai Police accepted a request to search for Chanyut in late May 2007 and claimed to have launched a search for him in early July.
At present, however, it appears that the search was obstructed early on by local traffickers in children in the Thai police, including those who were complicit in trafficking him to Belgium and/or covering up the crime.
Further information will be posted as it becomes available.
Private citizens who have pursued the search should be alert to the possibility of police harrassment.
(August 21, 2007)

Request to Thais in Belgium, September 29, 2007 (sent again on January 31, 2008): 

Request to Thai - Flemish Association, Belgium:

Happy  19th  birthday,  Chanyut!
You're of adult age plus one!
Chanyut is considered a missing person by his family, trafficked to Belgium by his mother, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, and her accomplices in pedophile and prostitution rings trafficking in women and children in Belgium and Thailand.
If alive, Chanyut is now age 19. He reached the age of majority in Belgium at the age of 18.
Where is Chanyut? If anyone knows, please notify his family.
Antwerp by satellite:,+france&ll=48.867425,2.300810&spn=0.003004,0.010274&t=h&hl=en

Flag of Thailand
Compulsory Two-Year Army Service for all Thai Men
On February 28, 2007 Chanyut reached the age of 18, the age of majority in Belgium. According to the law in Belgium, Chanyut is an adult. He does not require parental consent for anything anymore.  
According to Thai law, however, the age 20 is the age of majority.
But upon reaching the age of 18, all male citizens of Thailand must register for possible conscription by the Thai army, two years later, at the age of 20.
Because Chanyut is officially a resident of Pha Khao District of Loei Province, he must report to the district office of Pha Khao District in the town of Non Po Dang.
He must do so personally. He must present official Thai identification papers.
If abroad, Chanyut must contact the nearest Thai consulate. In his case, he must contact theThai Consul in Brussels, Belgium.
When Chanyut reaches age 20, on February 28, 2009, he will receive a notice from the army. He will have to report for possible conscription at a point designated by the local army base. 
The army will decide whether or not to draft him. This is to be determined by quota requirements and a draw if required. If he is a student in college, he can be granted a temporary deferment. 
If he is studying medicine, he will be asked to serve two years as a doctor with the army or in a civilian hospital in a remote part of the country after he has completed medical studies.
For more information:
"The Thai Armed Forced are divided into three branches: the Royal Thai Army (RTA), Royal Thai Navy (RTN) and Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) . . . composed of professional soldiers and those recruited by conscription. Every male aged twenty is subject to two years military service. Students are allowed deferments until they have graduated. "

For more details, Chanyut can contact the Thai Consul in Brussels 32 - 2 - 640 - 6810.


Chanyut has many friends and relatives in the Thai army. He has friends in the Thai navy and Thai air force. He will have friends to assist him if necessary.



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